The Prevalence and Correlates of Psychological Abuse among Women in Kenya: A Cross-Sectional Study Using Multilevel Analysis

Chiho Suzuki, Tulane University

Gender-based violence is a universal phenomenon, with significant health consequences including risk of HIV infection. Despite the growing concern and attention given on this topic, the number of studies carried out in the developing world has been limited. Using multilevel analysis, this study examines the correlates of women’s experience of emotional violence among ever-married women in Kenya, using KDHS 2003. The paper will attempt to answer the following questions: (1) What are the risk factors associated with women’s experience of emotional abuse by their partner?; and (2) What are the multiple levels of factors that influence the relationship? Study findings will not only contribute to the area of research on this topic, but will also provide valuable inputs to the design of partner abuse prevention programs and formulation of appropriate policies in Kenya, and will provide an insight to the issue of gender-based violence in the African context.

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Presented in Poster Session 2: Family, Households, Unions; Data, Methods, Study Design