Onward Migration Differentials among Hispanics and Non-Hispanic Blacks and Whites

Beth A. Wilson, Western Carolina University
Michael B. Toney, Utah State University
E. Helen Berry, Utah State University

Although movement to new and unfamiliar places is prominent in the conceptualization of migration, few studies have detailed differentials specific to onward migration. A larger body of research is focused on return migration, or the movement back to familiar places. This study utilizes the NLSY79 to build on the earlier panel based investigation of repeat migration by DaVanzo and Morrison, whose data did not allow for analysis of possible racial/ethnic differences in forms of repeat migration. Multivariable logistic regression is utilized to examine the characteristics of onward migrants compared across Hispanics, non-Hispanic blacks and non-Hispanic whites, as well as a variety of human capital variables in the NLSY79. The most important finding of this study is significantly lower rates of onward migration for blacks and Hispanics than for whites.

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Presented in Session 144: Recent Patterns of Internal Migration in the U.S.