Environment Pollution and Its Impact on the Incidence of Morbidity and Mortality Patterns: The Case of the Mumbai Metropolitan Area of India

Dipti Kishore Nayak, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)

Environment pollution is one of the major problems faced by the population in today’s world. The basic objectives of this paper are to examine environment pollution and its impact on incidence of Morbidly and Mortality pattern in Mumbai. Data on air pollution have been taken from various sources. Data on vehicular mode of transport obtained from Motor Transport Statistics of India. Both Mortality and Morbidity data was collected from Department of Municipal Corporation of Mumbai. Both Mortality and morbidity and their trends are examined through time series data; and seasonal variations in air pollution computed from month data. Result shows that increasing level of air pollution causes not only respiratory diseases but also deaths related with such diseases increasing. Realizing the danger of rising pollution on health status of people, government should make special efforts to bring about awareness among people for a collective action to solve this problem.

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Presented in Poster Session 6: Migration, Urbanization, Neighborhood and Residential Context