Bringing Men In: An Analysis of Male and Female Fertility in the World, 1990-1998

Li Zhang, Texas A&M University

Given the plea of critical demography for bringing men back into fertility studies, this paper empirically examined male and female fertility in 43 countries and places by using Demographic Yearbook 2001. The results demonstrated the compatibility of male and female fertility using TFR data of 1990 to 1998, particularly, in the geographical areas with TFRs under 2.0. The geographical areas with incompatible male and female TFRs are the areas having TFRs above 2.0, which also have higher male TFRs. The paper then sets out independent variables representing fertility paradigms to predict male and female TFRs. Regression analyses showed the independent variables worked on male and female TFRs in almost the same way. Studies in other levels and time periods are needed to further examine the plea of critical demography. Demographers also need to explore social and cultural reasons that cause the differences in male and female fertility in some countries.

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Presented in Poster Session 6: Migration, Urbanization, Neighborhood and Residential Context