Can Religion Buffer the Effect of Family Stressors on Psychological Distress among Elderly Taiwanese?

Daisy Fan, University of Texas at Austin
Gang-Hua Fan, University of Texas at Austin

The purpose of this study is to examine the buffering effect of three dimensions of religion (religious attendance, religious coping and private religious practices) on psychological distress in the presence of family stressors among elderly Taiwanese. Using 1999 Survey of Health and Living Status of the Elderly in Taiwan, results thus far suggest that religious attendance may buffer the deleterious effect of financial hardship and negative family interaction on distress; while, surprisingly, religious coping turns out to exacerbate the stress experience related to negative family relationship. The nature of religious behaviors in Taiwan and the salience of family relationship to Taiwanese elderly may account for some of the findings.

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Presented in Poster Session 2: Family, Households, Unions; Data, Methods, Study Design