Friday, March 31 / 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM   •   Pasadena Room

Poster Session 5:
Health, Mortality, Aging, Biology

  1. Early Childhood Nutrition, Schooling and Within-Sibling Inequality in a Dynamic Context: Evidence from South AfricaFutoshi Yamauchi, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

  2. Trends in Diabetes and Obesity Prevalence in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Review of the Literature and New EstimatesFlavia Andrade, University of Wisconsin at Madison

  3. Ethnicity, Acculturation and Self-Assessed Health among Retirement-Aged and Older AdultsAnn D. Bagchi, Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.

  4. Association of Leg Length with Mortality: Evidence From NHANES IHiram Beltran-Sanchez, University of Pennsylvania

  5. Health Stocks and Health Flows in an Empirical Model of Expected LongevityHugo Benitez-Silva, Stony Brook University, State University of New York ; Huan Ni, Stony Brook University, State University of New York

  6. Endogenous Mortality and the Quantity and Quality of ChildrenJavier A Birchenall, University of California, Santa Barbara

  7. Mental Health Insurance Plans’ Constituents: In Sickness and in Health?Mélanie Bourque, McGill University ; Sean Clouston, McGill University ; Amélie Quesnel-Vallée, McGill University

  8. A Time-Series Test of Diminished Entelechy in Birth CohortsTim-Allen Bruckner, University of California, Berkeley ; Ralph Catalano, University of California, Berkeley

  9. Why Do Hispanics Report Poorer Health Status than Whites?Sharon Bzostek, Princeton University

  10. Mortality of Chinese Female Oldest Old: Does It Differ among Support Patterns & Living Arrangements?Tianji Cai, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ; Qiong Zhou, University of California, Los Angeles

  11. Population Decline Induced by Gonorrhea and Tuberculosis Transmission: Micronesia during the Japanese Occupation, 1919 – 1945Susan L. Cassels, University of Washington

  12. Socioeconomic and Gender Differences in Health Status and Living Arrangements of the Elderly in IndiaAnoshua Chaudhuri, San Francisco State University ; Kakoli Roy, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

  13. Consequences of ‘Color’ in Family, Place, and Child Mortality in São Paulo, BrazilKuniko Chijiwa, University of Florida

  14. Mapping Chronic Disease at the County Level and Locating At-Risk PopulationsRonald E. Cossman, Mississippi State University ; Jeralynn S. Cossman, Mississippi State University ; Wesley James, Mississippi State University ; Troy Blanchard, Mississippi State University ; Richard Thomas, University of Tennessee Health Science Center ; Louis Pol, University of Nebraska, Omaha ; Arthur Cosby, Mississippi State University

  15. Deteriorating Mexican-American Child Health? The Role of Health InsuranceXiuhong You, University of Texas at Austin ; Erin R. Hamilton, University of Texas at Austin

  16. Temperature and Neonatal Mortality in Northern Italy during XIXth Century: An Event History Analysis with Daily DataGianpiero Dalla Zuanna, University of Padua ; Alessandro Rosina, Università Cattolica, Milan

  17. Does the FACCT Special Health Care Needs Screener Produce Biased Estimates of Children with Chronic Conditions?Julia A. Drew, Brown University

  18. Hispanic Women's Language Proficiency and Utilization of Cancer Screening ServicesLeticia E. Fernandez, University of Texas at El Paso and University of Texas at Austin ; Alfonso Morales, University of Wisconsin at Madison

  19. Did Infant Health Improve in US Cities the 1990s?Danielle H. Ferry, National Bureau of Economic Research ; Sanders Korenman, City University of New York at Baruch

  20. The Impact of HIV Morbidity and AIDS-Related Mortality on Intra-Household Time Allocation in Rural MalawiPeter C. Fleming, University of Pennsylvania ; Ari Van Assche, HEC Montréal ; Catherine Van de Ruit, University of Pennsylvania

  21. Impact of Macro-Level Economic Improvement on Child Health: Childhood Malnutrition in Ghana, 1988-2003Jemima A. Frimpong, University of Pennsylvania ; Roland Pongou, Brown University

  22. Historical Demography of the Exceptional Longevity in the United StatesNatalia S. Gavrilova, University of Chicago ; Leonid A. Gavrilov, University of Chicago

  23. Neuroendocrine Biomarkers, Social Relations, and the Costs of Cumulative Stress in TaiwanOmer Gersten, University of California, Berkeley

  24. Disentangling Selection and Causality in Assessing the Effects of Health Inputs on Child Survival: Evidence from Demographic and Health Surveys in 14 African CountriesGebrenegus Ghilagaber, Stockholm University

  25. The Health Status of the Elderly and Their Labor Force Participation in Selected States of India: A Multivariate AnalysisSoumitra Ghosh, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)

  26. Gender Difference in Improvement of Health Status among the Chinese ElderlyDanan Gu, Duke University ; Yi Zeng, Duke University

  27. Child Care Centers and the Infant/Toddler Feeding EnvironmentJean Hamilton, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ; Heather Wasser, Durham County Health Department, North Carolina ; Margaret Bentley, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  28. Life Course Determinants of Cognitive Performance among Older Women and Men in Ismailia, EgyptKathryn M. Yount, Emory University ; Zeinab Khadr, American University in Cairo

  29. Hispanic Hospitalization and Mortality: Evidence from New JerseyKatherine Hempstead, Rutgers University

  30. Joint Retirement Expectations of Dual-Worker CouplesJeong Hwa Ho, University of Wisconsin at Madison ; James Raymo, University of Wisconsin at Madison

  31. Association between Perceived High Risk Behavior and the Use of Condom as a Protective Measure for HIV/AIDS Prevention among Ugandan Women and MenMian B. Hossain, Morgan State University

  32. A Life Course Perspective on Early Life Conditions and Mortality in Very Late Life StageCheng Huang, University of Pennsylvania

  33. Autoimmune Diseases and Cancer Co-morbidity in the U.S. Elderly, 1979 to 2001Hai Huang, Duke University ; Kenneth G. Manton, Duke University ; Gene R Lowrimore, Duke University ; Linyan Hu, Duke University ; Kenneth C. Land, Duke University

  34. Chinese Oldest Old with Dementia: Study on the Causes of Dementia from a Sociodemographic Point of ViewYing Ji, Peking University ; Lei Zhang, Peking University

  35. Depression and Learned Helplessness among Refugee Women in Sub-Saharan Africa: Prevalence and ContextJohannes John-Langba, African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC)

  36. Social Security and Living Arrangements of the Elderly in the Developing CountriesYumiko Kamiya, University of California, Berkeley

  37. Unusual Social Experiences during Sojourn in the Third Countries and the Health of North Korean DefectorsDongsik Kim, Seoul National University ; Youngtae Cho, Seoul National University ; Okryun Moon, Seoul National University

  38. The Long-Term Health Consequences of Growing Up with Smokers and Problem DrinkersDaphne Kuo, University of Wisconsin at Madison

  39. Mortality Decomposition of South Korea and Japan: Sex Differentials in Causes of DeathJu-Hong Lee, University of Wisconsin at Madison

  40. Effects of Local Air Quality Reported Using the Air Quality Index and Spatial Clustering Effects on Lung Cancer Mortality Rates of North Carolina Counties in the Year 2000Kuo-Ping Li, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ; Chirayath Suchindran, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  41. The 1958-61 Famine Effects on Middle-Aged Adult Mortality in China: Debilitation versus SelectionYong Li, Johns Hopkins University

  42. Historical Trends in Health Differentials by Marital Status in the United States: 1982-2002Hui Liu, University of Texas at Austin

  43. How Tempo Distortions Affect the Analysis of Changing Mortality: The Case of Mortality Trends in West and East GermanyMarc Luy, University of Rostock

  44. The Effects of Socioeconomic Status, Race, and Immigration on Inflammatory Levels in the United States: An Analysis Using Quantile RegressionsNeil Mehta, University of Pennsylvania

  45. Career Outcome and Longevity in Several Cohorts of US Navy and US Army Officers: Directions of CausalityUlrich Mueller, University of Marburg ; Tobias Biegel, University of Marburg ; Kerstin Walter, University of Marburg ; Roberto Lorbeer, University of Marburg

  46. Health Service Use among Women: Differences by Nativity and EthnicityHillary J Patuwo, Rice University

  47. Household Food Security and HIV/AIDS in a Rural District of Malawi during a FamineValerie A. Paz Soldan, Tulane University ; Aimee Benson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ; Janine Barden-Ofallon, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ; Joseph deGraft-Johnson, Save the Children ; Thomas Bisika, University of Malawi

  48. Aging and the Sense of ControlLeah Rohlfsen, Arizona State University

  49. Measures of Overweight and Obesity for Elderly Taiwanese Men and Women: Body Mass Index and Waist Circumference as Predictors of Cardiovascular Disease Risk FactorsZhihong Sa, University of Maryland

  50. The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Voting Participation and Political Affiliation in Six Sub-Saharan African CountriesAudrey Sacks, University of Washington

  51. The Impact of Maternal Characteristics on Immunization Status of U.S. ChildrenSam S Kim, Arizona State University ; Jemima A. Frimpong, University of Pennsylvania ; Patrick A Rivers, Southern Illinois University ; Jennie J Kronenfeld, Arizona State University

  52. Socioeconomic Status, Health, and Mortality among Older Adults in MexicoKimberly V Smith, Princeton University

  53. Viability of Capillary Blood Collection for Use in Population-Based Health ResearchJames J Snodgrass, University of Oregon

  54. "Missing" Persons in East Timor during the Indonesian Occupation, 1975 - 1999Sarah E. Staveteig, University of California, Berkeley

  55. How Does Voluntary and Involuntary Retirement Affect Psychological Well-Being and Health Status Later in Life?Sarah E. Tom, University of California, Berkeley ; Bernardo L. Queiroz, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

  56. Yeah, But Do You Have Insurance? – A Binational Comparison of Healthcare Access for Older Mexicans; United States versus MexicoJennifer J. Tovar, University of Texas at Austin

  57. Education and Subjective Health in the Changing Society of TaiwanWei-Pang Wang, University of Texas at Austin

  58. Trends in SES Differentials in Child Mortality across the 20th CenturyJohn R. Warren, University of Minnesota ; Elaine Hernandez, University of Minnesota

  59. HIV-AIDS and Nutritional/Health Status of Children in Kenya: The Case of Orphans in Nyanza ProvinceSamson Wasao, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) ; Laura Kiige, University of Nairobi